“It was pretty easy to set up, we just uploaded our paper waiver, selected the right questions for identification, and boom, we were done. I have them auto-upload to Google drive, and we have had to pull one for the police report. It held up very well and we pulled the waiver instantly from our system.”


Chris B.

“Going paperless with our waivers has saved paper, time, and storage space. Waivers are easily accessible via computer or another device. If a parent forgot to sign a waiver for their child, it's easy to submit one online. More convenient than having to print, sign, and fax a paper waiver, and more secure than paper waivers as well.”


Ben C.



“Don't have to print anything out! Check them off and I'm done. Excited about the integration with my reservation system. Remote access so that customers and guardians can get this done before they arrive at our location. Streamlines in-person customer management and checkout process. Saves paper.”


Rob F.
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